Hey there! Reaching this page means that you want to use Ableton Live in your music and had enough of endless searching on Youtube.
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The workshops

  • Structural workshop

    On the Structural workshop we explore Ableton Live and build the fundamental blocks of a track, knowing precisely the reason why each step is taken. You will learn the language common to all Digital Audio Workstations, build rhythmical patterns, sample sounds, create bass lines and melodic phrases. Audio loops will be incorporated, effects added and automate parameters in real time.

  • Advanced workshop

    On the advanced workshop you will explore in depth the different options available on Ableton Live’s instruments. You will transport your technical knowledge into creative assets. You will modify audio loops, create sounds from scratch and use the powerfull audio-to-MIDI tools. This means you will be able to make a track using unique sounds. You’ll learn the insides of compression, mixing and master the final track.

  • Live/DJ workshop

    There’s much more on a live performance with Ableton Live than just playing track after track. On the Live / DJ workshop tracks are rearranged to be played on a live environment - adapted to the needs of the moment and crowd - a playing template is prepared - either with an iPhone/iPad or with a MIDI device - sound inputs and outputs are defined and computers are synchronised.

a la carte

You may have questions that don't fit in a workshop aproach, or you may just need technical support or conecptual advice on very specific points (i.e. solving arrangement issues of the track). You can also use this option to decide what modules you want to learn and do it step'by'step.

How it works

Classes are purchased as set of hours that can be used in one go or as frequently as you would like. After purchasing a pack, just go to the calendar and choose a date and time for your class.
I set up a video-call for the booked hours through Google+ Hangouts, which means that you are able to see my screen and if needed you can authorize me too see your screen.

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